Belonging to an Order has many advantages, such as making new friends in the Realms, exciting quests, the great feeling of helping other players, and many other aspects of Order life make being in an Order a memorable experience. Each Order has its own separate headquarter with a healer, a practice room, an Order store, and many other rooms that makes each Order unique unto itself.

Membership in a Order is not something that is easily obtained, and you must be a law-abiding player. Deadly players are not allowed to join Orders. There are rules within each Order, and along with these rules, you must
follow the rules of this MUD.

To gain entry into an Order, you should speak with a leader of the Order. The leaders are those people who have the title <Leader>, <First> and <Second>. To find out who is on from an Order, type "who 'Order of *****'. For example,if you wish to find out who is on from the Order of Jurisprudence, type "who Jurisprudence", and you will be given a list of players that belong to that Order.

Click order rules for a list of rules about Order equiment and items.

Once in the order you can communicate with other order members with the following Order communication command

Syntax: ordertalk <message>

Provided that you are in an Order, ordertalk will send the message to all members currently online, as well as the deity if they are online.

Here are the orders of the Realms of Wonder :



"We'll be the judge of that..." "There shall be no greater force, good nor evil, we shall preserve the balance. "
"Unity in the Afterlife"
Description   An alliance of all classes of all alignments brought together to keep the balance between Good and Evil in this realm.  
Deity Aluvius Pentarlin Daematrix
Leader Vetinari
Rank Magistrate
Rank The Preserver
Number 1 Salem
Rank Chancellor
Rank The Balancer
Rank DeathSpecter
Number 2 none
Rank Bailiff
RankThe Watcher
Rank DeathBringer
MKills 42810 57031 144051
MDeaths 140 2249 1032
Score 0 0 0
Strikes 0 0 0
Members 48 104 160
Alignment 0 0 0