How to Connect to the Realms of Wonder

In order to connect to play on a MUD you will need to use a program to do so. You can use any of the following programs to connect:

  • zMUD - 30 day free trial. Probably the most widely accepted mud program for functionality and support.
  • MUSHclient - Free mud client.
  • gMUD - Free mud client. Download the .exe from our server.
  • Telnet - Already on your computer.

To connect you need to know 2 pieces of information...

  1. Server ::
  2. Port :: 8888

Just follow the instructions on your mud program and when it asks for server and port information, enter the above server and port info. You computer then will try and connected to the Realms of Wonder server. You can login if you already have a character, or you can type new to create a new character. Then just follow your on screen instructions. Thats it :o) See you there.