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What is a MUD?

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About the Realms of Wonder

The Realms of Wonder (RoW for short) is a heavily modified SMAUG (Simulated Medieval Adventure multi-User Game) MUD that has been operational since 1995. This MUD is owned and operated by Vermithrax and is run on a Pentium II 366mHz with 192Mb of RAM running Linux.

If you are new to the Realms of Wonder, below are a few help files that will help you get acquainted with our world.


All players get a copy of The Adventurer's Guide to the Realms of Wonder when they enter the game. To use this guide, type LOOK BOOK. This guide has been created to answer the most commonly asked questions and to give you a general grasp of the commands and rules of the game.

This first section of the Guide deals with commonly asked questions. It's advised that you take the time to read this section first if you are new to our Realms.


The Realms of Wonder is governed by a set of laws, most of which are simple common sense and courtesy, and all of which must be followed to ensure everyone the opportunity to enjoy the game. As with any mud, a player's presence here is a priviledge, not a right, and is something we reserve the right to deny at any time at our discretion.

The Immortals of the Realms of Wonder are responsible for enforcing these laws, and their decisions these matters should be abided. If you feel an Immortal has treated you unfairly, you may petition directly to a level 56 (God) or higher or you may petition via a note at the Oracle.

The decisions of a God or higher are final. To see which Immortals are online and visible, type "who 51" or "who imm" at any time.

Laws - Channels
Laws - Pkill
Laws - Stores
Laws - Harrassment
Laws - Multiplating
Laws - Sharing
Laws - Stake
Laws - Charm
Laws - Objects
Laws - Cheating
Laws - Murder
Laws - Assist

Everyone must abide by the laws - no exceptions

Spam (repeating the same message repeatedly or otherwise purposely causing the screen to scroll), harassment (including sexual) and abusive behavior are not permitted on any channel (this includes in 'say' or 'tell'). Do not continue to 'tell' to someone after they have asked you to stop.

Profanity IS permitted on all channels. If you do not wish to see any profanity, please type "config +nocuss". This will replace all occurrences of any profane words with words that are MUCH less harmless. :) DO be warned, of course, that people can get around this, but we don't feel that we should tell people that they can't swear. It's too much like censoring, and we're not into censorship (to a reasonable degree).

If any level of Immortal asks you to desist on a subject, or to move the subject to an appropriate channel, do so immediately. Continuing on a subject or channel after you are requested to stop may result in your character losing its access to channels through silencing. An Immortal's
decision on subject matter and/or channel use should be obeyed.

An immortal may ask you to desist on a subject, even if you are using the FLAME channel. There is some content that is not appropriate on ANY of our public channels, including the flame channel. Again, an Immortal's decision on subject matter should be obeyed, or else it will result in silencing.

Warning: Arguing with or flaming immortals on channels WILL get you silenced or worse, and this may extend to your other characters as well if you push the matter. The Realms provides ample avenue for complaint without resorting to public baiting and name-calling.



  • You may pkill ONLY if you are shown under WHO DEADLY.
  • You may pkill other people who appear under WHO DEADLY, and who are within 5 levels of yourself.
  • If you are a deadly player, and illegally pkill a non-deadly player, or a player out of your level range, you will be helled for one week.
  • If you are a NON-deadly player, and illegally pkill ANYONE, you will be made deadly, and helled for one week.
  • Clan members can kill other members of their clan, however they may NOT loot fellow members of their clan.
DEFINITION OF PKILL: Pkill is any aggressive action towards another player. Included in this are:
  • The use of charmed mobs or animated corpses to do harm to, make vulnerable, or steal from, a character.
  • The use of spells, skills, or the MURDER command to do harm to, make vulnerable, or steal from, a character.
  • The use of game bugs to do harm to, make vulnerable, or steal from, a character. *** THIS WILL CARRY OTHER PENALTIES ***
  • Doing harm to, making vulnerable, or stealing from any player in any way, to be determined by an administrator.
Shopkeepers inside Hammerfall are protected by the laws of the city's Lord, Duke Luther. As the gods have pledged their favor to Hammerfall, they have imbued these shopkeepers with the powers necessary to carry out retribution against those who defy these laws. In short, anyone who chooses to attack a Hammerfall shopkeeper will die brutally. In addition, they may find themselves facing the direct wrath of the gods in hell...

Those caught stealing from these shopkeepers will be incarcerated by the guards of the Duke until such time as their release is granted by the gods.

A Hammerfall shopkeeper is any mob inside Hammerfall at which you can type 'list'. If you are given a list of items for sale, or are told to try back later, it is a shopkeeper. This also applies to guild shopkeepers and the blacksmith.

Harassment is giving a person unwanted attention, whether you perceive it as negative or positive attention. If a person is made to be uncomfortable by your attention or comments, you are harassing that person. If a person asks you to desist in talking to them or performing socials on them, and you do not stop, you are harassing that person. If you act in an intimate manner to a character, without their permission, you are harassing that person.

No form of harassment is tolerated in the Realms. We especially frown upon unwanted comments or actions with a sexual nature or explicit content. If you do not have an intimate relationship with the person, whether in real life or within the Realms, you should refrain from using suggestive actions and/or comments.

If you are caught harassing another player in any way, you can be silenced, helled, frozen, denied, and/or site banned. Harassing another player is a serious violation of the rules and will not be permitted. If you choose to harass an immortal, you will simply be deleted.


Multi-playing is permitted within the Realms, with the following rules:

You may only have ONE character link-live if it is a deadly character (if it appears under the "who deadly" section of the who list). You may have more than one character online as long as NONE of your characters are listed under the "who deadly" section of the who list.

Using multiple characters to spam any player or channel via making all characters say/tell/chat/avtalk a same message or series of messages is highly frowned upon and may earn each character a silence.

NOTE: Link-dead characters are not considered to be "online."

IMPORTANT: If you are caught altering IP's to multiplay deadlies, you will get into serious trouble. If you're caught helping your lowbie character level, the lowbie will be balzhured if either the
lowbie or your 'helping' character is deadly(Or both, actually). If you are caught multiplaying deadlies or a combination of deadlies and peacefuls to aid in pkilling, expect to see a few lines of balzhur spam.



Character sharing (when allowed) is always done at the risk of the players involved. Immortals will NOT recover any character lost to trading or sharing. Whoever owns the password owns the character.

A character may NOT be shared if:
  • The character is a deadly character
  • The character holds any leadership position in a Guild or Order
  • The character is an Immortal
  • The character is an Immortal's "free" mortal


The first player to attack a mob has the rights to the kill. Others should not get involved without being requested to do so. Those receiving aid are under no obligation to reward their benefactors. Monopolization of a mob and its repops will not be tolerated.

Any disputes brought to the attention of an immortal for resolution will be handled according the the immortal's discretion. All such decisions are final.


Do not bring aggressive mobs into or near Hammerfall, as when their charm wears off (either naturally or by attack) their aggressive nature will return. Also do not bring aggressive mobs into areas which are lower in level than the area from which the mob originally came. You can use the 'areas' command to check an area's level. See 'help charm' for more.


If you notice an item on the ground and there is a player in the room with it, do _not_ pick it up without first getting permission from the person<s> in the room. Taking such items may be considered stealing if you do not first obtain permission from those present.

Do not simply take an item to identify it without asking permission. If you are asked to drop an item you picked up, do so immediately.

Do not take items laying next to a corpse, even if no one is present, without asking the owner of the corpse if the item(s) belong to them.

Do not take items from a mob corpse unless you made the kill yourself or you have specific permission from the character who made the kill. This includes removing gold from a corpse.

Warning: It is never wise to leave items or containers unattended and expect them to be there when you return. If there is an item on the ground and there is neither a corpse nor a player in the room, the object is considered abandoned and free for the taking.



Cheating is a very serious offense and subjects ALL characters involved to a slay, purge (loss of all equipment), freeze, balzhur (destruction of all equipment and public demotion to level 2), deny or even a site ban.

What is considered cheating?
  • Exploiting (intentionally using) a bug to gain equipment or gold
  • Intentionally causing the system to crash
  • Intentionally duplicating equipment or gold
  • Knowingly accepting illegal equipment (see above) from others
  • Attempting to duplicate equipment or gold -- * even if not successful *
  • Using or making profit from equipment that was accidentally duplicated
  • Using gold that was accidentally duplicated

Cheating hurts the game, and every player in the game. Protect yourself and report any bugs you find, and inform the Immortals if you have strong cause to believe someone is engaged in any of the above.

If you find you have accidentally duplicated an item, turn the item over IMMEDIATELY to an Immortal or drop and sacrifice the item.


Player killing is decided the instant you cast any hostile spell or make any aggressive action against a non-deadly player. Actually killing the target means little. The only form of player killing allowed is between players whose names appear on "who deadly" section of the who list. A battle between non-deadly characters is still illegal even if those who are involved have agreed to the combat.

Being involved in an illegal pkill is a serious violation of law, and can result in a stay in hell, slay, loss of all equipment, freeze and/or deny or site ban.


A non-deadly may give, sell or trade scrolls, potions and equipment with a deadly character.

A non-deadly character may spy for a deadly character.

A non-deadly may NOT shield, heal, summon, help, hinder, portal or otherwise assist a deadly character (this includes charm).



No, we are not talking about a luncheon meat here. Spam is the repeated use of a phrase, command, or channel that causes screen scroll for others. Not only is spam considered rude, but excessive screen scroll can interfere with the game play of anyone seeing it (not to mention combat situations). The game will also tell you to PUT A LID ON IT and force-quit you after the 20th repeat of a single command

It is also considered spam to use the same phrase over several different channels. The use of all-caps can also be considered spam. Only use capitals to add emphasis to key words in a sentence.

Moving a large number of items into and out of a container in a crowded, non-store room is considered spam. Using multiple characters to chat the same message at the same time is considered spam. Making charmed mobs or pets to cause screen scroll through movement or orders is considered spam. ANYTHING that causes excessive or irritating screen scroll can be
considered spam.


This command configures some of your character behavior. Typing CONFIG alone shows you your current settings. With a plus or minus sign and an option, CONFIG turns that option on or off. The options are:


 - You allow yourself to be inducted into a clan/guild/order.

BLANK  - You have a blank line before your prompt
BLANK2  - You have a blank line after your prompt
GAG  - Toggle whether you see battle details in full or brief form
BRIEF  - You see brief descriptions only.
PROMPT  - You have a prompt
COMBINE  - You see object lists in combined format
ANSI  - You receive ANSI color sequences
AUTOSAC  - You automatically sacrifice corpses
AUTOGOLD  - You automatically split gold from kills with your group
AUTOLOOT  - You automatically loot corpses (not on pkilled corpses)
AUTOEXIT  - You automatically see exits
NORECALL  - Toggle automatic recall if you lose link during combat
NOSUMMON  - Toggle whether you will allow player characters to summon you
FASTDEATH  - You die right away if you hit 0 hp
DRAG  - Toggle whether others can drag you if you are incapacitated
NICE  - Toggle attack response if attacked by a player (non-deadly only)
TELNETGA  - You receive a telnet GA sequence
GROUPWHO  - Toggles an announcement that you seek to group.
NOINTRO  - Toggle whether you see the graphic screen at login
BEEP  - Toggles whether you can be beeped by other players or not
AUTOAWAY  - Toggles whether you will be set AWAY after being idle.
DISTANT  - Toggles whether you receive distant socials from everyone.
NOCUSS  - Toggles whether you see swear words.
HOMING  - Toggles whether you will be recalled with the rest of the group
when HOMING is cast.


SCORE is a sheet filled with your characters statistics. When you type score, only you can see what is listed there. Should you want to let others see your characters health, you can type REPORT.

To get a breakdown of what each slot in your score means, read section 4 in your Adventurer's Guide book.


This discusses the process of moving your character from one place in the Realms to another. The common movements are north, east, south, west, up down, northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest. You may also move in these directions by the use of n, e, s, w, u, d, ne, se, sw, and nw. If you need to pass through a door, at times they require being unlocked and opened. To unlock a door, you type UNLOCK <direction or door name>. To open a door, you type OPEN <direction or door name>.

At times, you may run out of movement points or require healing. To allow for faster recovery, you may SIT, REST, or SLEEP. When are finished with your recovery, and wish to continue adventuring, type WAKE or STAND.


To see the objects you currently possess, type INVENTORY and EQUIPMENT
INVENTORY is the items you are carrying, but are not currently wearing.
EQUIPMENT shows you the equipment you are currently wearing.

You may WEAR, WIELD, or HOLD equipment to use it. To stop using a piece of equipment, you REMOVE it. Before you may wield a new weapon, you must first REMOVE the old weapon.

You can gain information on your objects by using LOOK or EXAMINE. EXAMINE tells you the condition of your item, as a more detailed form of LOOK.

To find out more information on objects, read sections 9, 10 and 17 of your Adventurer's Guide book


Containers are almost a necessity in the Realms. They are used to carry items, food, and drinks. They help allow you to sort things, by using two or more types of containers at once. Corpses use many of the same commands as regular containers.

EXAM <container> or LOOK IN <container> allows you to see what it contains.

GET <item> <container> allows you to take one item from a container.
GET ALL <container> allows you to take everything from a container at once.
GET ALL.<item> <container> allows you to take all of a particular item type

PUT <item> <container> puts an item inside a container.
PUT ALL <container> will put as much of your inventory in the container as possible, until the container is full.
PUT ALL.<item> <container> will put as much of one type of item into the container as possible, until the container is full.

EMPTY <container> will pour all of the contents onto the ground.
EMPTY <container> <different container> will transfer the contents.

Read your Guide to the Realms for more information on containers.


Channels allows you to communicate with other players. Public channels are those that can be seen by everyone, regardless of their affiliation with clans, guilds, orders or councils. Private channels are channels available to those with affiliations of some sort, and also tells.

With no options, CHANNELS show you your current channels. With a plus or minus sign and an option, CHANNELS turns that channel on or off. Using the 'all' option, CHANNELS will turn on/off all normal channels.

The first channels you will have as a new player are SAY, TELL, and NEWBIE.

To use say, the person you want to talk to must be in the same room, just type SAY <message>.
To use tell, the target person may be anywhere within the Realms, just type TELL <name or 0.name> <message>.
Newbiechat is seen and used only by level 1 characters, members of the Newbie Council, and Immortals.

For a more complete explanation of each channel's use and who can use it, read section 3 of your Adventurer's Guide book.


Allows you to group with other adventurers. 'Group <character>' adds someone who is following you into your group, making them a group member. Group members share experience from kills, and may use the GTELL and SPLIT commands. If anyone in your group is attacked, you will automatically join the fight.

If character is already a member of your group, 'group <character>' again to remove them from your party. Removing the character from the group does not stop them from following you, however. A character can also leave a group by using the 'follow self' command, in which case they will both leave your group and stop following you.

'Group' with no argument shows statistics for each character in your group.

'Group all' groups all eligible players following you in the room.

'Group disband' allows the leader to disband his group (members will stop
following and are ungrouped).

You may group only characters within eight levels of your own. See section 10 of your Adventurer's Guide for more information on groups and grouping.


Choosing, starting, and stopping a fight. You may choose a fight by finding a mob, and using LOOK, CONSIDER, and IDENTIFY to gauge the difficulty of the opponent. You can LOOK <mob> to get a look at its equipment and description, this will often help indicate how hard a fight might be. You can CONSIDER <mob> for a one on one comparison of the mobs hitpoints and level to your own. You may also CAST IDENTIFY <mob> to get more detailed information about the mob.

You may start a fight by using KILL, MURDER, or many spells and skills available to players. The easiest way to start a fight is to KILL <mob>. Currently, you may also MURDER <mob>, but this causes the mob to yell out.

You may find yourself in trouble during a fight, and wish to leave, this can be done by using FLEE or RECALL. You can flee a fight by typing FLEE. You may recall from a fight with the spell 'word of recall' or by reciting a recall scroll. You may also set it up to flee automatically once you go below a certain number of hitpoints by using WIMPY. To use your wimpy, type WIMPY or WIMPY <number of hitpoints>. Leaving a fight with wimpy, flee, and recall WILL cost you a loss of experience, with recall causing the greatest

For more information on combat, read section 12 of your Adventurer's Guide.


When your character dies, you are reincarnated at the Cathedral Altar in Hammerfall (or your clan's temple). If you are level 10 or above, your corpse is left behind where you were killed, together with all of your equipment. Your gold stays with you (the gods want you to have your gold).

If you are below level 10, the same will happen, except that your corpse will appear in the Hall of the Fallen, which is one east of where you appear after you have died.

Any spells which were affecting you are canceled by death, and you lose experience points as well. Following/groups are not affected by death.

Corpses decay after time. When this happens the objects inside a corpse will NOT decay with it. Player corpses last roughly 30 minutes of real time. If your corpse has decayed, your equipment will still be on the ground in the place where you died (or in the Hall of the Fallen if you are lower than level 10). Only the player who died or someone in their group can retrieve objects from a player's corpse. The only exceptions are for deadly characters, who can loot each other's corpses at will.

If you have chosen a deity and have gained enough favor, you may be able to supplicate to your god for your corpse. Also see 'help supplicate', 'help deities', 'help favor' for more information on deities.

For more information on death, see section 13 of your Adventurers Guide.


PRACTICE without an argument tells you your current ability level in all the skills and spells available to you. You can check this anywhere.

PRACTICE with an argument practice that skill or spell. Your learning percentage starts off at 0% (unlearned), and can be practiced once. After this initial practice, the skill/spell must be used to develop it
to the level of 'adept' (Adept is not always necessarily 100%) You must be at a guild master to practice.

The higher your wisdom, the more practice sessions you will have each time you gain a level. Unused sessions are saved until you do use them.

All characters may practice skills, spells, and weapons in the Academy.

For more information on spell, skills, weapons, and practicing, read section 15 of your Adventurer's Guide book.



SLIST  - a command that lists all your spells and skills and the level at which you may practice them.
AREAS  - Typing AREAS will get you a list of all areas. You may get more information on each area by typing HELP <full area name>.
WIZLIST  - This is a list of all Immortals of the game.
COMMANDS  - This is a list of all commands available to you.
SOCIALS  - This is a list of all socials available.
TIME  - This will tell you the current times inside the Realms, the time the Realms was last rebooted, and the current time in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA.
WHERE  - Where will give you a list of other players in the same area.
SAVE  - After level two, typing SAVE will save your process.
QUIT  - If you want to leave the game, type QUIT.
WHO  - A list of other players visible to you in the Realms.
TITLE  - Once you reach level five, you may make your own title.
PASSWORD  - Your password can be changed with PASSWORD <new> <new>
DESC  - You may set up a personal description, type DESC to edit.
BIO  - You may set up a personal bio that others can see via WHOIS.

This is only a brief list of commands that will help you do things with your character. More detailed information on each command can be found in the HELP files.


Spooky Eyes

Starting the game

You will begin at the Stratified Reality, an area to explore while awaiting authorization. You will pass into the Realms at this area's end...

And out of the ashes, we shall be reborn.

The Void
You waken from your slumber, your awareness returning to you. It feels like you have lain here dormant for an eternity, this being the place where all life begins... As well as where it all ends. Around you, thousands of bright lights surround you, echoes of other souls lying dormant. Yet SOMETHING has had to happen to awaken you... Something calling to you, as though trying to summon you from your eternal rest. A swirling portal slowly spins above the lights, and you instinctively know that this is the way to leave this place.
Exits: up.

Enjoy your stay within the Realms, but don't ruin it for the others.